Histology is a branch of biology which studies the microscopic anatomy and structures of tissues and cells.

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Histology at the service of research

Integrated process from fixation to staining 

For pre-clinical models : 

  • Customised anatomopathological analysis: scoring, standard and specific staining. 
  • Written report in English

We develop with our customers the evaluation of their pre-clinical protocols :

  • Selection of stains types
  • Integrated process from fixation to staining
  • Revision of literature and scoring validation
  • Blinded or unblinded readings
  • Detailed and illustrated reports in English
  • End-of-project videoconference
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Canine/Feline markers available

Carcinoma Epithelial cells Pan Cytokeratin Antibody
Glioma Astrocytes GFAP
Glioma Olygodendrocytes Olig 2
Hémangiosarcoma Endothelial cells CD31
Lymphoma T Lymphocytes CD3
Lymphoma B Lymphocytes CD20
Mast cell tumor, GIST Mast cells, Cajal's cells C-kit
Mast cells tumor, Lymphoma, Melanoma Proliferation index Ki67
Melanoma, Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor Neural crest cells PS-100
Melanoma Melanocytes Melan-A
Neuroendocrine tumor Neuroendocrine cells Chromogranin A
Neuroendocrine tumor Neuroendocrine cells Synaptophysin
Plasma cell tumor Plasma cells Mum-1
Histiocytic Sarcoma Histiocytes CMH II
Sarcoma Mesenchymal cells Vimentin
Soft tissue sarcoma Smooth muscle cells Smooth Muscle Antibody (SMA)
Soft tissue sarcoma Muscle cells Desmin

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