Immunohistochemistry is a technic used in biology and medicine to visualize the presence, localization and distribution of specific proteins or others biological molecules within tissues samples.

This technic combines principles of light microscopy with immunology, using specific antibodies that bind to proteins of interest in tissues. 

At OCRvet we design custom IHC protocols for the detection of several markers :

Our catalogue of markers is constantly growing, including development and validation of new markers. 

For pre-clinical models :

Research and development of your marker discovery protocol design on automated system (Discovery XT, Ventana)

  • Antibody search (peer-reviewed literature, sequence homology BLASTs) ;
  • Complete sample processing: sampling, fixation, paraffin embedding, sectioning, staining ;
  • Development of IHC protocols for your markers of interest, antibody titration ;
  • Validation of labelling with positive/negative control and isotype ;
  • Complete analysis of samples with double control (HE slide corresponding to IHC marking) ;
  • Detailed illustrated report in English by a veterinary anatomopathologist. 

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