OCRvet at the SCIVAC congress in Rimini

OCRvet at the SCIVAC congress in Rimini

SCIVAC Congress in Rimini 2024 

Last weekend, Clarissa attended the SCIVAC Congress in Rimini as a representative of the Scientific Direction team of OCRvet. This event provided a valuable opportunity to present our services and strengthen our collaborative Italian network.

During the Congress, she introduced our organization and our commitment to conducting clinical trials in veterinary medicine with the potential for translational applications. Our approach in fact aligns with the One Health concept, emphasizing the interconnectedness of Animals, human, and environmental health. Clarissa also announced our new prospective biobank service, which includes the collection and preservation of biological samples accompanied by comprehensive clinical data of enrolled patients. These services both garnered significant interest among the sponsors present, many of whom were not yet familiar with OCRvet offerings.

She engaged in numerous meetings with sponsors and veterinary clinical colleagues. The sponsors expressed great interest in our services, highlighting the need for further discussions to explore future collaborations. Additionally, she discussed with her former colleagues the possibility of including them in our trials as investigation centers, receiving positive feedback.

The SCIVAC Congress featured high-quality presentations from national and international speakers who are experts in various medical disciplines. Clarissa attended several sessions that covered innovative topics and advancements in the field of veterinary medicine. The scientific quality of the presentations was outstanding.

The SCIVAC Congress in Rimini proved to be a significant event for OCRvet. It not only allowed us to promote our services and establish new contacts but also provided an important opportunity for scientific updates. We will continue to nurture the relationships initiated during the congress and explore new collaboration opportunities.

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