OCR represented at 106th AACR Annual Meeting by Dr. Grégoire Prevost

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OCR represented at 106th AACR Annual Meeting by Dr. Grégoire Prevost

OCR today announced that Dr. Grégoire Prevost, CEO of CIPREVO and globally recognised thought-leader in oncology research, represented OCR at the recent AACR Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. His continued belief in OCR’s approach was supported by multiple references at the conference to the use of feline and canine models to accelerate human treatments for a range of cancers.

Dr Grégoire Prevost PhD has over 25 years’ experience in oncology drug development, with a speciality in pre-clinical research. After key positions at IPSEN as Oncology Translational Research Director and Oncology Scientific Affairs Director, Dr. Prevost joined InteRNA Technologies as Chief Development Officer. He founded CIPREVO in 2012 as a new service company providing expertise in cancer research and development projects to pharma, biotech and academic clients.

He is widely recognised for his deep understanding of human health concerns in terms of gaining access to more predictive models in oncology and strongly endorses OCR’s approach, “Companion animals with spontaneous tumours are still an underexploited tool for making rapid advances in human and veterinary cancer therapies. Naturally occurring cancers in dogs provide useful parallels in our understanding of human cancers. OCR has understood the huge added-value of using sponteanously ill dogs for the human and veterinary drug discovery process.”

Dr Prevost confirms that OCR’s model was further validated at the event, “Thirty posters at the AACR congress referenced dogs and cats for accelerating new treatments for cancers. Several studies have shown the benefits of dogs in cancer targeting therapies and that dogs had highly useable pharmacokinetic data.”

Mr. Matthieu Dubruque, COO of OCR, welcomed this opportunity, “As an independent scientific advisor, Dr Prevost’s vast vision and experience provides the link between our work on the pertinence of canine models in cancerology and the human pharma industry. We were delighted that he chose to represent OCR at the AACR congress and we hope to collaborate with him more closely going forward.”

He added, “In addition to networking and business opportunities, OCR was keen to be represented at AACR because of our focus on companion animals with spontaneous tumours. We would like to continue to educate key opinion leaders and the pharma industry about comparative oncology and we plan to be increasingly present at global cancerology events in the future.”

OCR is committed to monitoring world-wide scientific developments across its broad range of therapeutic areas. Later in 2015, the company will be present at BioPharm America, Bio Europe, Biofit and the Annual VCS (Veterinary Cancer Society) congress.

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