OCR strengthens veterinary and R&D expertise to respond to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry

OCR strengthens veterinary and R&D expertise to respond to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry

OCR (Oncovet Clinical Research), the fast-growing CRO specializing in pet clinical trials to advance drug candidates and medical devices for human and health, has announced the new appointments of Dr. Sandrine Rougier and Dr. Juliette Hordeaux to key positions in the company’s clinical trial and research and development teams.

Dr. Rougier (DVM) comes with 15 years’ experience at senior level with a leading international veterinary pharmaceutical company. She will assume responsibility for OCR’s pivotal multicentre clinical trials as well as for enhancing the company’s clinical best practices and quality assurance procedures. Dr. Rougier is well-known in the industry for her expertise in the design and management of clinical trials, her wide-ranging partner network and her capacity to understand and respond to the needs of the veterinary pharma sector.

Dr. Hordeaux (DVM, PhD, Di. ECVP), has received a number of awards, including a Research Excellence Award from the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy. She has carried out extensive work in the areas of histopathology and immunotherapy and will manage OCR’s increasing number of R&D projects. She will be particularly involved in the development of research protocols and the pertinence of canine tumour models for progressing to trials in humans.

OCR already has a range of services offers including providing new innovative and highly predictive animal models (pets with naturally occurring diseases) of human diseases and helping its clients to optimize the drug development process to improve human health in the pharma sector. OCR is currently leading pivotal multicentre clinical trials for the veterinary industry. The company is also increasingly involved in a growing number of R&D projects with key partners in the pharma sector.

Dr. Dominque Tierny, CEO of OCR, welcomes the new hires, which she says are in line with company strategy and vision, “Sandrine’s vast operational and quality experience, combined with Juliette’s deep scientific knowledge boost OCR’s existing skillset and provide the link between our in- house in vivo and in vitro R&D capabilities and external collaborative clinical trials with industrial partners.”

She adds, “We view these appointments as a sign of our commitment to further investing in ethical veterinary clinical research as well as to our vision of partnering not only with veterinary companies, but also with the wider pharmaceutical sector to advance treatments for serious chronic conditions in pets and human.”

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